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Glue is not the enemy of art

Dadaistic director duo Kronck created together with agency Heimat and film art-director Julie Damian a TVC which pierces deeply into the blurry borderline between arts and commercial communications. Big kudos to the Henkel Loctite team for unleashing creativity!


Mess up your kitchen!

Sometimes top-class performance needs some trial and error. Somat takes perfectly care of your residues after  experimenting. Director Markus Stummer has a special sense for kitchen mess, knows how to cook and putting out fire. A perfect match for this TVC.


Get laid with a little help of Teekanne

Brits well known for their smart way of dating inspired TBWA for this TVC. Please note Manuel Werner's Herzblut direction and the talents delicate acting.


You’d better know when to phone your mother

An utter ordinary VIP family dispute earns the boy a double share of cakes. Our director Sinan Akkus knows how to smooth down differences and to                            direct famous Bundesliga star Nuri Sahin.


As a matter of fact, we all get older

Have you ever thought how hurting a bad neck is for an aging rock star? Dolormin knows its target group and positioned this TVC squarely at the heart of Rock’n Roll. Thanks director Norbert Heitker for his intrinsic knowledge in head-banging!


Creative make-up isn't a matter of expert knowledge

This Fiat car commercial leverages the power of electric rear-view mirrors and the (at times) immature nature of mothers.


Don't ask why the dog wears deer horns

Car insurance eats up your x-mas budget. Please consider HUK for cutting unnecessary insurance fees. Directed with lots of love by Mona El Mansouri . Guess who set the dog into frame.


Paint your reality

Never underestimate the power of Faber-Castell paint. Our director Markus Stummer brings the boy's vision to life - painterly. Or shall we say filmically?


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